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At SASA, we transcend the ordinary, beckoning archivists, history enthusiasts, and literary connoisseurs to join us on a journey through the corridors of time. Welcome to a space where passion meets purpose, where the art of preserving history becomes a symphony of innovation and collaboration.

In the heart of South Africa, SASA stands tall as the vanguard of Archives, Records, and Information Management (ARIM). Picture a vibrant tapestry of minds weaving together research, knowledge, and the essence of historical writings. SASA isn’t just an association; it’s a dynamic community poised at the intersection of tradition and the fourth Industrial Revolution.

What people say about SASA

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Forget Chaterera-Zambuko (PhD)

Assistant Professor, Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi Co-editor, Archives and Records Journal

I would like to extend my heartfelt endorsement to the South African Society of Archivists for their
exceptional work in promoting scholarship and professional advancement within the field of records management and archival science. I also encourage all professionals in
our field to actively engage with and support the Society’s endeavours. 

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Professor Lekoko Kenosi

Zayed University.
The United Arab Emirates

SASA’s revamped website is a refreshing testimony of its relentless efforts to serve as the professional mouthpiece of South Africa’s archivists and records managers. This website also addresses an obvious void characterized by the worrying absence of African heritage entities on the world wide web.

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Professor Mpho Ngoepe

Executive Director:
Library and Information Services

Since everything is an archive to me, SASA’s advocacy for curation of archives to keep memory alive is something supremely important not just to me but to the ARM fraternity at large.

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