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We are pleased to announce that all presentations and papers for the SASA Conference sessions are now available online at


Attendee, speaker, and service provider engagement as exhibitors,  helped make this year’s Conference to be one of our best. This year, attendees experienced  brilliant new and returning speakers sharing their experiences who were also readily available to network with conference goers. Furthermore, there were many fellow experienced Archive and Records Manager attendees networking, sharing experiences, and learning from and with each other.


It was a great success!


While you may not have been able to attend the SASA Conference Experience, you can view all the sessions online at Here you can view sessions to:

  1. Review content of interest
  2. Sample our speakers and content for its quality
  3. Consider whether attending next year’s SASA Conference (Western Cape)  with many more interesting speakers and papers.

The delivery of these papers fulfils the SASA’s annual commitment that all sessions are posted on our website, and available for our profession’s ongoing study.

Planning for next year’s SASA Conference Experience is already underway and promises to be an extraordinary conference.

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